About Us

Our first Store Jilda Leather store was opened in 2010 in Kusadasi,Turkey and since then we have entered into the world of leather market.After a couple of years we have decided to expand our business and have opened another store in Valletta Waterfront,Malta .

Through out the years our experienced designers has created cutting edge designs  with portability which makes it very easy for our client to use when abroad.

In our stores one can find a unique selection of men and women leather jackets, each designed with their own definition of character,style and handcrafted  with the finest grades of leather .Wether you are a true connoisseur of leather or a person in search of a high quality jacket,you will immediatley value the care and  exclusivity we put into each of our products.

Thank you for your interest in our products and we hope that you enjoy will enjoy our wide range of leather jackets.